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Ervis Micukaj

Will foreigners return to China? Ervis knows!

Would you call your boss „Older Sister“, if required by her?

Will your skills, learned in China, be useless back home?

Will there be jobs for you in 3-5 years?

These and more questions will be answered in new episode 52!

Born in Albania, raised in Italy, Ervis Micukaj is now a successful small business owner in China. After 5 years of working in different jobs, Ervis decided to start his own business JET IT Services - Managed IT Services Provider in China. Now, after more than two years of being an entrepreneur, here is his advice.

This is what you'll learn in 25 minutes:

1. Failed intercultural communication at work

2. Working for others or starting your own business?

3. For which tasks you’ll be needed in China

4. Not yet networking nor studying Chinese? Mistake!

5. 3-5 years forecast of foreign workforce demand

6. Good reasons to stay in China long-term

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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