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Dear Contributor, 

Would you like to help young professionals to start and pursue their flexpat careers?

Imagine you have to listen to 50 stories one by one. It can be very exhausting. That is why we put efficiency first: 

What can the audience learn from you?

The best episodes are 15 minutes. Efficiency first:

1) Please start your episode with a full self-introduction, around 2 minutes, where you share all the audience needs to know about you, what you do, and how you came to China.

2) What can the audience learn from you? Focus on max three topics, and build them in "how-to" format:


Such as:


  • How to differentiate from Chinese professionals? Why should they pick a flexpat?

  • How to run a company in China? HR, Finance, Sales?

  • How to build a sales operation in China?

  • How to understand the Chinese supply chain? Reduce cost, increase quality?

  • How to build a German-style dual education system in China?

Be very specific and send the questions to us in advance. Rough bullet points for the answers are appreciated, but not required.

3) Closing: Last bit of advice for flexpats?
Be specific again - one short piece of advice.

Hundreds of professionals want to learn from you, please prepare well: write down your full speech (at least bullet points), and try it at least once, in full length, before the interview. 

​Technical conditions:

  • ​The meeting will be arranged on Zoom, planned by us.

  • Please make sure you block 45 minutes.

  • Make sure to have good WiFi

  • Remove any background noise (notifications, phone calls, TV, etc.)

  • Use a good microphone and headphones (iPhone headset is good enough)

  • Please relax: Everything will be fine. One hour of preparation is more than enough to create a clear structure.

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