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Adina Deacu

Succesful as a foreign coach or service entrepreneur in China?

Adina Deacu 邱天美 is an Environmental Psychology Researcher & Consultant and has been living in China since 2012. As a foreign entrepreneur in the service industry in China, it is extremely hard to get customers' attention, trust, and therefore, business leads.

Adina has found great ways of distinguishing herself to boost and establish her business sustainably. Language plays a major role!

This is what you'll learn in 13 minutes:

  • How to stand out as a foreign entrepreneur

  • How to make it as a coach or service provider

  • How to solve problems in a Chinese context

  • The importance of information only available in Chinese

  • How to learn Chinese as a busy flexpat

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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