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Arne Weber

How to create a multi-million hardware business in China as a foreigner.

Arne Weber, german IT entrepreneur, has been living in #China for 10 years. Together with his Chinese wife, they have built their company faytech AG from scratch, growing their turnover from zero to 30 million USD and over 300 employees worldwide in only 10 years. Do you think this is fast? Chinese speed is even faster.

Learn from Arne why he is not always working at #Chinese speed and why it is getting easier to start businesses in China as a foreigner.

This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes:

1. Why set up a business in China and not in Germany?

2. How do Chinese work ethics affect your business?

3. How to run a business as a husband and wife?

4. Can foreigners keep up with Chinese speed?

5. Why producing and selling from China will become easy

6. The only two options left for flexpats

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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