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Simon de Raadt

Business and jobs in cross-border trade and logistics, and e-commerce in China.

During his 10 year stay in China, Simon de Raadt (西蒙)has become an expert on cross-border trade and logistics. Although e-commerce has been booming for years, many online sellers still struggle with their sourcing and shipping.

Simon is making a difference and creates a seamless and transparent supply chain to empower online sellers. In this episode, he shares his personal advice to newcomers in this field and provides an outlook for flexpat opportunities in Chinese e-commerce going global.

This is what you'll learn:

  • Do’s and Don’ts with Chinese customers

  • Jobs done by foreigners

  • How long it takes to get profitable

  • Europe vs. China - where to startup?

  • Leading cities for a career in e-commerce

  • Outlook for related flexpat jobs in Asia

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