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Ramesh Ramaswany

What does the job market look like for Indians in China.

Ramesh Ramaswany is originally from India and has worked around the globe. Almost two years ago, German automotive supplier giant Bosch has offered him an opportunity in China. In this episode he shared the truth about the job market and work life for Indians in China. Ramesh is also pointing out the specific challenges for his fellow Indians, how to overcome them and succeed in the booming Chinese tech sector.

Specific topics covered in 25 minutes:

  • How do Indian professionals get treated in China?

  • What does the job market look like for Indians in China?

  • Self-reflect about how you appear, act and speak.

  • How to effectively communicate with Chinese people.

  • What specific technical fields bear most opportunities for Indians?

  • How to impress a typical Chinese employer?

Listen on (Try with a VPN for troubleshooting):

Connect with Ramesh on LinkedIn:


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