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Arnaud Frattini

How to find a job in Chinese social media marketing?

Who should listen to this: Marketing professionals, business and marketing students, copywriters, advertising people, designers, anybody communicating across cultures in China.

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Arnaud Frattini is originally from France and has been working in China for the last five years. He started his career in Chinese social media marketing very early and has experienced both the social aspects of working in Chinese teams and the professional aspect of designing localized marketing campaigns across many popular social media platforms.

In this episode, he shares his insights on how foreigners can succeed in this tricky market with the right skills and attitude: Creativity, Critical Thinking & Hard Work!

This is what you'll learn:

  • How to learn social media marketing

  • Must know trends in Chinese social media

  • What social media in China are essential, besides WeChat?

  • Working in Chinese teams: How to behave?

  • Designing campaigns across cultures

  • Skills to compete with local talent

Listen on (Try a VPN for troubleshooting):

Connect with Arnaud on LinkedIn:


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