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Shengyun (Alex) Lu

Who are returnees (haigui) and what can we learn from them?

Flexpats both compete with and learn from returnees (Haigui)!

Many industries, including strategy consulting, are more mature in Europe than in China. In many cases, European business models have been transferred to China - along with expats to build organizations.

More and more European-experienced Chinese professionals return to China in order to establish European culture and processes in their home market. Can you compete with them to get the job?

"Returnees or Haigui": The huge benefit is the language and culture barrier. They speak both English and Chinese, in some cases a third language, such as French or German. They can "read the air" in China, as it is their home market.

Shengyun LU is sharing his story and advice on how he

  • moved up in an international consulting firm

  • wins business from both international and Chinese customers

  • builds his Chinese team

  • establishes an international culture

What can flexpats learn from returnees?

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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