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Ruddy Swinnen

10 best jobs to do in China from Ruddy Swinnen.

Which jobs will win in post-pandemic China?

Ruddy Swinnen is originally from Belgium and has 25 years of experience as a Business Leader, Psychologist, and Entrepreneur in Talent, Leadership & Organization Development, including 15 years in China.

In this 15 minute episode, he explains what modern managers, who are dealing with China, need to do in order to not only survive but also thrive in post-pandemic China.

This is what you'll learn:

1. The 10 best jobs to do in China

2. Which of the top 10 jobs will stay?

3. What challenges will arise after 2021?

4. Why post-pandemic management is more about people

5. How to adapt to the lifestyle of post-pandemic China

6. How to make yourself more flexible!?

Which jobs do you expect to win?

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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