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Robbert Gorris

Your first job in China - a business crash course!?

Robbert Gorris is originally from the Netherlands and has developed a strong interest in China very early. He studied in Taipei and has been living in China for 12 years. His kids went to a Chinese school, which taught him invaluable lessons in Chinese culture.

In this episode, he shares his story of his first job at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Beijing and his view on China's future and young foreign graduates' opportunities in it.

This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes:

  • How he picked his first job in China

  • Why work for a Chamber of Commerce?

  • The one thing he would have done differently

  • Do foreign kids enjoy Chinese school?

  • Differences between western and Chinese education

  • Is coming to China still worth it?

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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