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Rebecca Lüppen

Thriving in the job while having 4 kids? No problem in China!

Rebecca Lüppen, lived in China for 7 years, working as a flexpat at a Volkswagen AG joint venture, FAW-Volkswagen.

Rebecca has not only managed to grow from an entry-level position in HR into a management position but also dealt with a busy family life together with her husband and 4 kids. (2 of them born in China!)

Learning from countless challenges over the years made Rebecca start her own business SHEEXPAT I Expat Career and Life Coaching for HER which helps women go abroad, thrive abroad, and successfully return home later. Follow her!

This is what you'll learn:

1. How flexible must flexpats be to get good jobs?

2. Why it feels natural in China to have both kids and a career.

3. How "SheExpat" helps women go abroad and thrive.

4. Why 2-5 year expat-assignments will disappear.

5. Why repatriation needs to be planned from the beginning.

Planning to go to China soon?

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