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Marina Espin Farran

The ideal (remote) workplace for young people

Originally from Spain, Marina Espin Farran has studied Mandarin in Beijing and later graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin with a master's degree in Chinese economics and politics. Marina’s fluency in Mandarin and love for China have helped her career soar, opening the door to a whole new world in tech. Now she is the Head of Business Development for Yodo1 Games, a renowned company within the gaming industry that operates 100% online.

In this episode, Marina explains in detail why you should consider working in the gaming industry. She provides unique insights, like actual salaries, nailing a job interview, work conditions, and potential for your personal development in this thriving industry that is setting new standards in the way we live and work.

This is what you'll learn in 50 minutes:

  • 4 must-have skills when entering any new industry

  • Salary and working conditions in the gaming industry

  • Top reasons to work in the gaming industry

  • How gaming changes traditional industries

  • Perks & challenges of working 100% remotely

  • How to be convincing during an interview

  • How to apply at Yodo1 now + vacant positions

  • How to grow and get promoted at Yodo1

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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