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Karl J. Weaver

How to land a job in mobile devices and blockchain industries.

Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾 is an American citizen and has worked in numerous flexpat roles in Taiwan and Mainland China since 1985. As a bilingual (English & Mandarin) public speaker, he shares his first-hand experience of leading the charge of mobile payment development in China in the past three decades.

We found Karl to be an unlimited source of advice for China's leading technology industries such as mobile devices, the internet of things, and blockchain. Take a pen and note Karl's advice on how to land a job in these lucrative industries during this 20-minute episode.

This is what you'll learn:

  • Essential communication skills

  • Building leverage to increase your salary

  • Identify a matching Chinese company

  • Working remotely for a Chinese company?

  • Building trust to land your dream job

  • The advantages of a global job

  • Opportunities in mobile technology, IoT, and blockchain

Listen on (Try a VPN for troubleshooting):

Connect with Karl on LinkedIn:


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