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Irina Goncharova

3 ways of effective job hunting in China nowadays.

Irina Goncharova is originally from Russia and has been living in China for the past six years. Besides her work, she is volunteering at BeHive Shanghai, where she meets countless international students, young professionals, and hiring companies.

In this episode, she shares clear and detailed advice on effectively applying for jobs nowadays in China. Especially for all students who did not graduate from a top university globally, this episode contains advice on how to stand out and pave the way for your early career.

This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes:

- 3 ways of effective job hunting in China nowadays

- Top university degree or your own projects?

- Chinese or English?

- What should be your first step?

Listen on (Try a VPN for troubleshooting):

Connect with Irina on LinkedIn:


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