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C.J. Ng 黄常捷

B2B Sales in China explained and wrong assumptions busted。

New business & team building:

  • Many companies over-rely on expensive trade shows.

  • Create trust and guanxi with customers and get their referrals.

  • Never rely on only one source of new business.

  • Lead authentic conversations to find customers’ needs.

  • Most managers agree coaching and feedback are important - but most don’t take the time to do it!

  • Don’t look at candidates' previous sales achievements. Ask them HOW they did it and see if their style matches your company’s.

False assumptions busted:

  • Most HQs think - we have a better product. It should sell better.

  • You need to pay kickbacks to get new business.

  • Chinese customers focus only on price.

  • Chinese employees need only promotions and more money.

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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