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Bill Russo

How do flexpats fit in the Chinese electric vehicle industry?

In China, the electric vehicle is a platform for digital consumption.

Chinese consumers of e-mobility prioritize user experience, not driving experience (as there are more "passengers" than "drivers".

To work at Chinese EV companies, a whole new skillset is needed.

We’ve discussed the following topics with Bill Russo, former head of Chrysler North East Asia and CEO of Automobility Ltd:

  • Concerns of data-collecting cars by foreign brands (The real reason for the lady dancing on the Tesla during the Autoshow)

  • How Chinese companies solve Chinese problems

  • Why Chinese EVs prioritize user experience, not driving experience

  • Where do flexpats fit in?

Tune in to the China Flexpat Podcast or click into the link below. 17 minutes, well worth it.

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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