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Amelie Vollmer

How is working on a local contract vs. an expat's deal?

Amelie Vollmer and her partner have found work opportunities in China. He was an expat and Amelie worked on a local contract at Bosch China! In this episode, Amelie explains the process of getting hired at such a prestigious company and how the job on a local contract worked out for her. The difference between expat packages and local contracts is huge, but as a couple in this situation, it can be a real win-win.

This is what you’ll learn in 30 minutes:

1. Moving to China as an ambitious couple

2. How to convince someone to hire you

3. Adapting to a new language, new industry, and tasks

4. Why salary is not most important

5. Work conditions on local contracts

6. Planning life back home after the expat/flexpat life

Listen on (Try VPN for troubleshooting):


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