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Entry-level job with no experience? Yes!

We have big news!


In our exclusive China Flexpat WeChat community, we are exchanging ideas and advice daily. We think this is too valuable not to share with everyone! This is #flexpattalks.

In this first part, Adina Deacu 邱天美 advises students, young graduates, or young professionals who want to get an entry-level job in China but have little or no experience. 

  • Check the website of the Chinese embassy in your country.

For any cooperation project that actually requires any type of foreigner, that's the first place where the information will be published.

  • Follow the news about China's newly developed areas.

There, will have more openings and fewer requirements for foreigners with no China experience (although it will vary based on the field). Currently, these areas are the new Hainan developments area and the Tianjin area.

  • Do your homework about the One Belt, One Road program and find a project in countries that are connected to that.

  • Start learning Chinese in any of the Confucius centers in your country.

They offer many exchange/cultural programs that will increase your chances to get a career and move into China at some point.

  • If you’re a final-year student who has to write a thesis to graduate from university, apply for my company's Thesis Research Internship program. It’ll provide you the China experience while you’re still in your home country. For more information, check out the program.

More tips from Adina? Listen to our episode #50

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